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Chinese fried rice with En Elladi pork and hoisin sauce

Chinese fried rice in the wok with En Elladi pork, hoisin sauce, carrot, and ginger. An easy recipe for a delicious dish.


    • 300 g of En Elladi pork Tenderloin
    • 100 g fresh onion
    • 10 g of smashed garlic
    • 60 ml sesame oil
    • 20 g ginger
    • 10 g chopped chili
    • 2 eggs
    • 100 g diced carrots
    • 35 g hoisin sauce
    • 100 g vegetable broth
    • 400 g jasmine or basmati rice
    • 5 g salt
    • 5 g pepper


We boil the rice according to the directions on the package. We let it strain and keep it near us.
In a wok, we add the sesame oil in high heat. We add the pork of our choice, cut in thin slices and sauté it in the sesame oil. Once it gets light brown we remove it from the stove.
In the wok, we add the eggs and mix them with a whisk so that they turn into a sliced omelet.
We add the onion, the garlic, the chili, the ginger, the carrot and the spices. We add the meat again.
While we are stir-frying, we add the hoisin sauce and the rice.
We add the stock and see if the dish needs a bit more salt.
We serve while hot in small bowls.

Tip: We can remove the eggs from the wok after they are cooked and add them in the end so that they look livelier.