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Address: 23rd km Athens-Lamia Highway | 145 68 Kryoneri, Attica
Athens / Greece
210 6260000 / 210 6221200



CRETA FARM FOODS processes personal data of its employees, partners and clients, who have given to CRETA FARM FOODS their personal data voluntarily and informedly, and their agreement for giving their personal data to CRETA FARM FOODS is given in an informed way, expressed unambiguously, either in personal, or through the activity of a physical or legal entity, who/which has occupation-based or law-based authorization to process the data and to submit it further to or from CRETA FARM FOODS.

Point of contact of CRETA FARM FOODS: email:

Point of contact of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) at CRETA FARM FOODS: Dimaraki Maria, Internal Auditor of CRETA FARM FOODS,  

Categories of personal data processed and accordingly protected at CRETA FARM FOODS include:

CRETA FARM FOODS processes personal data only for the needs of the official objectives of CRETA FARM FOODS. The official objectives of processing personal data at CRETA FARM FOODS are connected to:

The term for storing of personal data for all corporate systems of CRETA FARM FOODS is up to 12 months after the expiration of the terms specified by law, or 12 months after dropping out of the corporate need or the particular reason because of which the personal data was received and processed. Deletion of personal data is registered with a protocol signed by the DPO.

The data subjects may apply their rights, in accordance with Regulation 2016/679, in front of CRETA FARM FOODS. The DPO of the company will answer in written within a month to every written claim submitted to the e-mail in connection with enforcement of the following rights of the subjects of personal data:

At CRETA FARM FOODS personal data is not electronically profiled and automatized decisions are not taken.

CRETA FARM FOODS informs (with visible plates on the walls and by a message on the corporate internet site) its employees, clients and partners that video surveillance may be performed over the working facilities owned by CRETA FARM FOODS, together with control over the provided by CRETA FARM FOODS electronic means for communication and printing at the working facilities owned by CRETA FARM FOODS (this includes: corporate internet access, corporate centralized printing access, corporate fixed phone devices access, company mobile phone devices  access) in order to avoid and prevent malpractices or fraud.