Creta Farms breeding

Creta Farms breeding

Creta Farms | The Biggest Pork Meat Producer in Greece

After 4 years of study and scientific research with academic bodies, we created unique pork meat at Creta Farms, nutritious as well as tasty! Based on the findings of our research, we chose the best raw materials, and we designed great feed for our pigs which includes:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Carob
  • Cretan herbs rich in antioxidants (oregano, thyme, dite, sage, alandia) and with antimicrobial action
  • Citrus fruits rich in antioxidants

With more olive oil in its feed, the meat of Creta Farms becomes even more juicy and tender, improving its fatty acid profile.

Cretan superfoods with antioxidant and antimicrobial action protect the pig’s organism, while aromatic herbs make the meat smell fantastic. The special diet, designed in Creta Farms’s onsite animal feed production unit, combined with excellent breeding conditions (classical music, ideal temperature, antibiotic-free feed), relax the animal and create the most easy to digest, healthy and tasty pork meat on the market!

That means that you enjoy pork without antibiotics, reared with pure olive oil and nutritious superfoods.

With extra virgin olive oil always playing a leading role, Creta Farms offers now a range of new products with irresistible nutritional advantages that change the – so far – reality of guilt loaded food: En Elladi panseta with omega-3 fatty acids and pork patties with only 5% fat!


We are what we eat! We are what our food is eating!