quality - certifications

quality – certifications


The Board of Directors of CRETA FARM SA remaining faithful to their purpose and based on their total commitment are determined to produce products that meet current and future agreed or even desirable demands and needs of its customers.
Moreover is focusing on the continuously improvement of the Quality per Cost index that leads to greater satisfaction of its customers, services and stakeholders, always with full respect of the National and European Community Legislation It is provided manufactured products that are safe and of high quality. Apart from applying good hygiene and industrial practices has ensured that all necessary facilities are respect and safeguard hygiene of visitors and employees. It provides every possible support (material, technological, human resources) for the appropriate management of food handling and disposal. Concerning handling requirements of food and cleaning procedures of the surfaces, necessary measures are taken when there is an incident of contact with
blood and body fluids. Storing and transportation of meat products is organized in such a way that assures product protection from every intended or accidental action after their market release.

The Board of Directors effectively demonstrates their environmental awareness to customers and stakeholders by implementing an Environmental Management System to manage environmental, safety and hygiene issues within the pig farming as well as taking also measures for the efficient and rational management of waste disposal and the sustainable use of its resources. It protects health and safety of its employees by obtaining a Safety Engineer and a Doctor on a weekly basis in order to investigate hazard potential in the workplace and to propose corrective measures to avoid these risks. Furthermore, it ensures the application of social standards and aims on their continuously improvement through the implementation of corporate social responsibility programs, while by implementing Code of Professional Ethics succeeds to define a basic framework of everyday behavior to all its  employees that is based on the values ​​and ethics with which the Company is working.

For Creta Farms, consumer safety is a commitment to responsibility, so we insist on offering food products of top-quality that are targeted to deliver superior flavor.

Through the international patent En Elladi, we managed to become known beyond the borders of the domestic market, obtaining patents for our global innovation in more than 40 countries in the world.

Creta Farms produces 3 different product categories (Meat, Deli Meat, Pre-cooked – Frozen) and guarantees 100% high quality and safety in each of them, as at least 20 categories of strict quality controls are applied throughout the whole production process – from the animal feed to the final product. In fresh meat, in view of the special feeding of our animals, the controls add up to 47, one for each stage of the animal’s life.

In this way, Creta Farms, a purely Greek company, has established itself as one of the largest pork meat producers and meat-processing company in Greece. Every year, it carries out high-cost investments, ensuring the consumers continuously high quality and high nutritional value.

The values and factors characterizing us, governing our relationship with consumers and ensuring our products their high quality are:

1. Extra virgin olive oil
The noblest fruit of selected olive oil producers in Crete is subject to certified procedures and rigorous controls to be used in the “En Elladi” recipe.

2. Fine quality meat
Our animals are bred in perfect conditions, without using antibiotics in the fattening stage. Their environment is ideal and they consume herbs, citrus, superfoods and olive oil of the Cretan earth.

3. Leadership in Quality Control
Creta Farms has quality control laboratories at its disposal, staffed with specialized scientific personnel. The laboratories have cutting-edge equipment for detecting all pathogenic microorganisms within 24 hours, using molecular biology and immunobiological techniques. We can therefore 100% control food safety. Moreover, in laboratories, molecular detection of genetically modified organisms (GMO / Mutants) in beta materials and end products, as well as allergens (e.g. gluten, soy, mustard, nuts, etc.) are carried out in the final products. Creta Farms is the first company in the industry to carry out DNA testing of animal species (e.g. horse DNA detection) using the most advanced methods (PCR).

4. Research Laboratory
The Department for Research and Development of New Products is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is funded with € 5.000.000 annually for product development in Greece and abroad.
The laboratory monitors continuously and closely scientific and technological developments in the food sector and cooperates with senior institutions and accredited private laboratories in Greece and abroad. It is staffed with a team of experienced and highly trained scientists in the deli meat industry.
The company’s latest patent for animal feed research required the investment of 4 years of research in collaboration with a Greek university. Thus, our animals are reared with olive oil, herbs and superfoods of Crete.


The Standards that Creta Farms has:

ISO 9001:2008
Production of pig feed. Reproduction of pigs. Fattening and special farming of pigs (Fed solely on animal feeds of vegetable origin without use of antibiotics). Slaughtering of pigs. Production and distribution of fresh pork meat. Design, production, trade and distribution of sausages and meat products.

ISO 22000:2005
Slaughtering of pigs. Production and distribution of sausages, raw and frozen pre-cooked meat products. Packaging of chilled meat based products in flexible packaging materials in vacuum or modified atmosphere. Slicing and packaging of semi – hard cheeses in flexible packaging materials. Distribution of olive oil and extra virgin olive oil in plastic containers (1tn/HDPE). Packaging of raw and frozen pre – cooked meat products in plastic bags

ISO 14001:2004
Reproduction of pigs, fattening of pigs with special feeds (feeding exclusively with animal feeds of vegetable origin without the use antibiotics)

BRC Athens
Slicing, high pressuse processing and chilling of ready to eat precooked cured turkey & pork meat and sausage products. Slicing of yellow cheese. Packaging of ready to eat precooked cured turkey & pork meat, sausages anf sliced yellow cheece in protective plastic packaging. Exclusions of scope: Slicing of raw meat. Production of raw meat preparations. Packaging of raw meat anf meat preparations.

BRC Rethymnon 
Production of fermented  dry sausages, fresh cooked sausages and frozen precooked meat products. Packaging of fermented  dry and fresh cooked sausages either as entire pieces or as slices in flexible packaging materials in vacuum or modified atmosphere. HPP processing of the slides precooked -smoked sausages. Packaging of frozen precooked meat products in plastic bags (wrapped) in carton boxes.

Quality label Crete
Certificate of use of the quality label Crete in special products (pork meat, meat preparations of pork meat, apaki, sausages with vinegar,  sausages of Sfakia, en elladi Gourmet dry sausages salami).