Cold cuts - Creta Farms

cold cuts

From the very moment of its birth until today, Creta Farms remains true to its vision of creating highly nutritional products with unparalleled taste. In only ten years of active presence in the cold cuts market, Creta Farms has managed to bring continuous and revolutionary changes, thus setting new rules and creating impactful trends in the sector.

Since 1999, the year when the Creta Farms 0-3% series was first introduced as a low-fat category in Greece, to the year 2001 and the “big revolution” of Creta Farms En Elladi, the only cold cut products with animal fat substitution from extra virgin olive oil, until today and the frantic work of the company’s R&D sector on the next big thing, the mission still remains the same: to offer products of daily use with less fat and, even more, infused with the better side of them, while retaining the full taste spectrum, thanks to the unique presence of olive oil.

The success of the products’ launching is undeniable and their effect on the market proven.