Creta Cares CSR - Creta Farms


At Creta Farms, our passion for deliciousness and quality only makes sense when we share it. By following our values and the culture of our Cretan origin, we want to provide the world with quality and do it only with our heart.

Our actions in the direction of Corporate Social Responsibility are constant and frequent, because our values, our vision and our beliefs can only be expressed this way. By doing so, our joy and our strength are multiplied by many times.

Our actions are targeted at every region of Greece and we take action whenever we are asked to do so. For years, we have gladly supplied more than 30 Non-Governmental Organizations and Charities, as well as cultural and ecological institutions across the country.

On an annual basis, the help offered mounts up to more than 300 tonnes of products.

In 2016, we provided 7 Institutions with 1 million pieces of Creta Farms En Elladi mini.
Until the end of 2018, we will ensure that 300 children in 14 homes at the Smile of the Child do not stop smiling.

Apart from the above, our actions also protect the Environment by implementing recycling programs regarding our internal operations, in cooperation with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation. At the same time, we utilize our liquid waste for watering trees and plants and our solids for composting and soil fertilizers.

Our effort to help and protect our society will not stop. We are always ready to offer our support to all parts of our country, to share joy and quality with many more tables of fellow human beings.

We continue to invest our energy and faith in everything that’s good.