our people

our people

Our company started many years ago knowing that the most important capital to invest in is the human.

All this time, we have been lucky to attract talents to all business sectors, who stay with us to build careers and rewarding relationships. Dignity, understanding, meritocracy and solidarity are the values keeping Creta Farms οn a high level and turning our journey into a unique life experience

Personality, skills, an open mind and heart are the characteristics that every individual person has and those that make up for the overall image and character of Creta Farms.

Here, we are all very close together, united by the love for our good food, our place, the origin of our products, made by wisdom and ingredients of the Cretan earth, we fight against bad habits and easy solutions regarding food. The quality begins here from within ourselves, from our home, is passed on to our animals, reaches our table and our relationships.

We are committed to moving on together, one step at a time, towards our vision.

A strong team, with roots in its core, deep enough to withstand, wedge to the ground and grow with it.