Creta Farms, being always abreast of the scientific research on nutrition, assumes the responsibility of channelling information to the consumers.
As a worthy intermediary link, it feels daily responsible for making people adopt better eating habits that will help them in their entire life.

In particular, foods with low or reduced saturated fatty acid content, as well as replacing saturated fatty acids with unsaturated fat, are reported to help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels (claims recently adopted by the European Commission).

That is why the world’s largest health organizations recommend, among other things, to replace saturated fat, which has a high content of animal fat, with unsaturated fat such as olive oil for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The value of the Cretan Diet

The Mediterranean diet, especially the Cretan, which Creta Farms honors and promotes worldwide, is rich in olive oil and is more than a combination of foods of high nutritional value.

It is the core of a gastronomic tradition that has been centuries old and developed on the Mediterranean coast.

The tradition has been upheld until today and is proven to be at the highest level of humanity’s eating habits.

The fruit of the olive tree and olive oil are at the heart of Creta Farms’ philosophy and are indissolubly linked to our vision of offering quality food to society and promoting the gastronomic heritage of Crete. Olive oil is believed to be the secret of Cretan longevity, since it contains omega 3 that protects our body with antioxidant action.

At the same time, unique aromatic plants and herbs are growing on Cretan earth, as well as other superfoods, such as alladania and carob, which are also the main ingredients of the Creta Farms’ pig feed, along with olive oil.