Creta Farms, coming from the island of Crete, a place with an amazing natural environment and a world unique flora, could not do anything else but become the protector of the natural wealth
inherited and ensure the environmental sustainability for future generations.

In the context of sustainable development and from the very first moment of the company’s operation, we apply practices that are returned to the environment. Environmental protection and care is the axe of our philosophy and ethical commitment to all inhabitants of Greece.

Thus, from the choice of raw materials and the processing up to the production, the maintenance and packaging of the products, the strictest national and international environmental regulations are followed, for which we have set even higher standards, at our own initiative and on our own costs.

Significant and continuous high investments in new technologies have brought a result that we are proud of, as Creta Farms is ranked among the best companies in the category of environmental protection in Southeast Europe.

Creta Farms is ranked among the best companies in the category of environmental protection in Southeast Europe.

Organic drinking water

Our factory has a biological cleaning plant where, with continuous additions and improvements, groundbreaking technology is used for the processing of liquid waste from the pig breeding unit and the deli meat production plant.

Our biological cleaning produces water which is used to water the 8.000 trees and plants surrounding the Creta Farms premises, and a large part of it covers the need of clean water for other use. The future plans of the company foresee its use for irrigating agricultural crops and watering green areas.

Fertilizer for our forest and composting

Creta Farms’ recycling philosophy applies also to solid waste which is processed and composted to be used as a fertilizer for the forest and the plants surrounding the company’s infrastructure.

The solid waste treatment plant (composting plant) is equipped with groundbreaking technology which was developed in Japan and is now used for the first time in a large scale treatment of pig manure.

Integrated recycling programs

Every one of us at Creta Farms, in all the company’s positions, embraces our common vision of green development. Through vision, we shape the company’s manufacturing processes, as well as our personal attitude towards the environment and its protection.

In fact, we are implementing in-house recycling programs for paper, plastic, aluminium and batteries through collaborations that we have developed since 2002. In particular, we collaborate with the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (HE.R.R.CO. www.herrco.gr), which support and develop by Blue Bin / Blue Bells projects a powerful and efficient recycling system across the country, contributing substantially to meet national targets set by national and community legislation.

Over the years, Creta Farms has supported the creation of recycling infrastructure in our country by paying annual contributions which correspond to the financing of 2.667 blue recycling bins.