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Tasting, innovative and with high quality, Creta Farms products meet the needs of even the most demanding consumers, offering particularly tasty and high-quality nutritional suggestions, capable of supporting a delightful and nutritionally balanced diet at all times of the day.

Creta Farms aims to bring together all consumers, giving products that offer a daily diet. As everyone is looking for the best combination of quality and flavor in their diet, Creta Farms has a full range of product choices.

quality & balance for everyone
κρέας Creta Farms


The only one in the world with a truly unique taste, as it is raised with extra virgin olive oil, superfoods and herbs from the Cretan earth.


cold cuts

“Taking fat out, putting oil in”: The great innovation of Creta Farms is to take out the fat manually and to add virgin olive oil, lifting the flavor to another level.



Obtain the suitable product range of high quality for your business. Have a look at our big variety of products at the “foodservice”.


quick meals

En Elladi Delicacies without preservatives, with pure meat and rich flavor. Done easy every day!