«En Εlladi» on the global markets

The global patent of “En Elladi” and the in-depth knowledge of the culinary habits of the cooperating countries, make the spread of the amazing Creta Farms gastronomic experience possible, throughout the world.

The patented production process of “En Elladi” is adopted by the cooperating countries, replacing, wherever possible, the animal fat with extra virgin olive oil. By this way, the flavor of local traditional deli meat is enhanced, while at the same time our vision for a better nutrition and a better lifestyle is promoted globally.

In the countries we are active in, our cooperation is based on three models (Share Holders’ Agreements, Licensing, Exports) with strong local partners, adapting the “En Elladi” production process to the traditional product categories, in accordance with the culinary characteristics and unique needs of the country.

The production process is supported and promoted by the respective marketing strategies, which are strategically designed to integrate smoothly into the particular environment of each country and region while achieving the goals of maximum recognition and testing required by such an innovative food.

Countries of operation

Following the slogan “Think globally, act locally”, Creta Farms’ strategic planning for international growth is active in the markets of Germany, America, England, Cyprus, and Australia.


Cyprus was the first country to welcome Creta Farms’ initial venture into the international market.

Before the innovative penetration model was further developed, Creta Farms managed to enter and consolidate itself on the small Cypriot market, whereby we share a common culinary culture. The company made its presence felt with a full range of all three brands: En Elladi, filiko and 0-3%.