En Elladi fried pork (tigania) with nioki, dried tomato, sage and gruyere cheese - Creta Farms
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En Elladi fried pork (tigania) with nioki, dried-tomato, sage and gruyere cheese

Delicious En Elladi pork tigania with sun-dried tomato, sage, cream cheese, gruyere, and nioki. A very tasty combination that you will definitely want to try again.


    • 1 kg En Elladi pork tigania
    • 500 g nioki
    • 100 g dried tomato
    • 100 g mushrooms round
    • 10 g sage
    • 50 g baby rocket
    • 4 g salt
    • 3 g pepper
    • 5 g parsley
    • 20 g mustard
    • 100 g white dry wine
    • 100 g vegetable broth
    • 80 g olive oil
    • 20 g cream cheese
    • 50 g gruyere


Boil the nioki for 4 minutes only, so that they do not bloat too much. Spread them on the pan and let them cool.
In a pan with a strong fire, add olive oil and the pork tigania. Saute for 5 minutes. Add salt, pepper, and the mushrooms and let it cook for three more minutes.
In the end, add white wine and mustard.

Add the sage, the broth and the nioki right away and cook for five more minutes.
Add the sun-dried tomato, the spices, and the cream cheese. Serve with freshly-cut parsley and mixed arugula salad.

Tip: Serve with gruyere flakes.