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En Elladi roasted pork leg with yiouvetsi and gruyere cheese

Aromatic youvetsi with En Elladi pork leg and gruyere cheese. A tasty food that everyone loves.



    • 2 En Elladi pork gulls
    • 100 g of mustard
    • 200 g of olive oil
    • 3 cloves of garlic
    • 20 g of fresh thyme
    • 10 g of fresh rosemary
    • 15 g of salt
    • 8 g of pepper
    • 500 ml of vegetable broth


    • 1.5 kg orzo medium size
    • 2 lt vegetable broth
    • 50 g of olive oil
    • 100 g of fresh onion
    • 1 clove of garlic
    • 5 tomatoes peeled
    • 15 g of fresh basil
    • 150 g of gruyere cheese
    • Juice and zest of 1 lemon


Prepare the marinade in a blender. Smash the olive oil, the mustard, the garlic and the fresh herbs. Add the meat, salt and pepper it and then marinate it. Place it in a tray and rinse it with the broth. IT is ready for cooking. Cover it with wrapping paper and seal it. Bake in 160ºc for at least 2.5 hours.

In a pot add the fresh onion, the garlic, and the orzo and sauté. Then pour 300 ml of pork broth and 2 lt of vegetable broth. Cook for 15 minutes and stir often. At the end add the tomatoes in cubes, the lemon juice, and the chopped basil. Cook for 1 more minute.

Add the remaining broth in a pot and mix it with corn flour in order to make a thick sauce. Serve the youvetsi with grated gruyere cheese. Cut the meat in thick slices and add the sauce on top.

Tip: If the sauce is thick in texture, just add 50gr of vegetable broth.