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En Elladi pork schnitzel with yogurt, sesame seeds and smoked potatoes

Pork En Elladi schnitzel with white sesame, marinated in aromatic yogurt with smoked potatoes and mayonnaise dip with caper and cucumber. A unique schnitzel recipe that everyone will enjoy.



    • 300 g yogurt drained 2%
    • 100 g leek chopped
    • 50 g fresh onion
    • 5 g garlic pulp.
    • one lime cut
    • 20 g olive oil
    • 4 g salt
    • 3 g pepper


    • 4 eggs
    • 200 g flour for all uses
    • 300 g white toast
    • 10 g raw white sesame


    • 100 g mayonnaise
    • 20 g capers chopped
    • 10 g parsley finely chopped
    • 2 g black pepper
    • 40 g cucumber cornice


    • 400 g baby potatoes
    • 5 g paprika
    • 40 g olive oil
    • 10 g rosemary
    • 5 g chili chopped
    • salt, pepper


    • 400 g sunflower oil


In a big bowl, we prepare the marinade for the schnitzel. We add the yogurt, the lime peel, the leek and the spring onion, the garlic, the olive oil, salt, pepper and the schnitzel, making sure the marinara covers everything. We place our mix in the fridge for two hours.

We take our schnitzel out of the fridge and start the breading step by step. First the flour, after the egg and lastly the breadcrumb that we have already mixed with the sesame.

Tartar dip
In a bowl, we add the mayonnaise and all the other ingredients sliced in small pieces. We mix everything together.

We boil the potatoes for 25 minutes and after they are cold we cut them in the middle and let them cool down. After that, we sauté them in olive oil along with rosemary, chopped chili, and paprika, until they are light brown.

In a large pan, we add sunflower oil and let it reach 160 degrees. We fry for 6 minutes. We serve the schnitzel with the potatoes and the dip.

Tip: The schnitzel is best enjoyed when hot.