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Pie with En Elladi non-fat minced meat

Crispy non-fat mince pie with carrot, leek and cheese mix. A delicious, tasty pie that you can enjoy as your main dish.


    • 1 kg of En Elladi pork tenderloin mince
    • 8 pcs. dough leaves for the pie
    • 300 g tomato concasse
    • 50 ml red sweet wine
    • 100 g onion dry chopped
    • 30 g fresh onion
    • 5 g garlic
    • 150 g carrot cut into cubes
    • 100 g leeks chopped
    • 150 g vegetable broth
    • 3 g thyme
    • 5 g salt
    • 3 g pepper
    • 1 egg
    • 250 g of grated cheese mix
    • 3 g of nutmeg
    • 150 g of olive oil for the pastry and meat
    • 20 g white sesame seeds
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In a deep pan, we add 50g of olive oil and sauté the mince until having dry. After that add the onion, the garlic, the carrot, the fresh onion and the leek. Sauté the vegetables very well and quench with red, sweet wine. Add the tomato sauce, the vegetable broth, the herbs and the spices. Cook in medium heat for 25 minutes with a lid in your pot. The minced meat is ready. Remove from the fire, and wait for 15 minutes to cool. Add the cheese mix, the egg, and the nutmeg. Mix until it has a firm, creamy texture.

In a medium-size tray place your pastry leaves. Add some of the olive oil in a spray container and spray the pastry so as to make it crispier. We place the pastry on each side of the tray so as to cover the whole bottom. Make sure you spray each one of them with the oil. Keep the last three and place them as the cover of your pie. Spread some sesame and slightly cut it in pieces. Bake it in 170ºc for 45 minutes. The mince pie is ready to be served.

Extra tip: Try not to score the pie the whole way down but until the middle.