Board of directors - Creta Farms

board of directors

Since 1970, when Creta Farms began its journey, it is our people who are the representatives of our vision, it is those who realize our plan to make the Cretan Mediterranean diet the first choice of everyday life worldwide.

Our people are those who, with their heart and strength, promote the development of our company and lead us with passion and enthusiasm, one step at a time, closer to making people live and eat better – by sharing their table with loved ones, by sharing the taste, to be inspired by the quality.

The Board of Directors comprises seven members altogether, three of them are executive members and the four are non-executive members. Three of the non-executive members are independent. They are elected for a five year term.

The members of the Board of Directors:
Emmanouil S. Domazakis | Chairman of the BoD, Executive Member
Konstantinos S. Domazakis | Vice-Chairman of the BoD, Executive Member
Eleni Domazaki | Member of the BoD, Non-Executive Member
Petros Papadakis | Member of the BoD, Executive Member
Emmanouil Kotzampasakis | Member of the BoD, Independent, Non-Executive Member
Vasilios Voumvourakis | Member of the BoD, Independent, Non-Executive Member
Andreas Merikas | Member of the BoD, Independent, Non-Executive Member


Brief CVs of the members of the BoD

Emmanouil Domazakis
Born in 1960 in Rethymnon, Crete. He is a graduate of the School of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University, Athens. He is responsible for the investments department and he oversees the production process including the Research & Development department in the meat and deli meats division.

Konstantinos Domazakis
Born in 1961 in Rethymno, Crete. He holds a degree in Economics specializing in Marketing & Management activities. He oversees the Commercial Division, the management of the Animal Unit, the production of deli meats and the Finance Division.

Eleni Domazaki
Born in Rethymnon, Crete. She is a business woman, wife of the founder of the company. She has been involved in the company administration for over 20 years.

Petros Papadakis
He was born in Athens in 1951. He is a graduate of the Army Corps of Military School (SSSA) and of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (School of Medicine) and holds a specialization in Cardiology, followed by postgraduate education at universities in Paris and London.

He served in Air Force units as a permanent officer and successfully attended all courses provided by the Administration Schools. He has also served at the 251 General Aviation Hospital in various managerial positions, where he focused on scientific work and research.

In 2003, he left the Air Force on his own request with the rank of a Brigadier General, to initially become the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Deputy Managing Director of MEVGAL S.A. and then, from 2006 until February 2016, the President and Chief Executive Officer, with significant business distinctions.

Emmanouil Kotzampasakis
Ηε holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, as well as PhD and MSc degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Science and Technology Institute at the University of Manchester (UMIST). He lives in the USA and works as a Company Officer at Aspen Technology Inc. (Aspen Tech). He is currently the company’s Senior Vice President, Sales & Strategy. Aspen Tech’s headquarters are located in Boston, Mass., and the company is the leading provider of operating systems and services for Process Industries, with global activities and annual revenue exceeding 350 million dollars.

Previously he served as Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Marketing, Senior Vice President, Engineering Business Unit and Vice President, Engineering of Software Products. Before joining Aspen Tech, he served as Chief Executive Officer at Linnhoff March, a process software and design firm based in the UK. Before Linnhoff March he was an associate professor in Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) in the United Kingdom.

Vasilios Voumvourakis
Born in 1971, in Rethymnon, Crete. He has graduated from the department of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, specializing in Food Technology and Business Administration. He joined Creta Farms in 1997 and holds the position of Director of the Research and Development Department of the Creta Farms group since 2004.