Creta Farms «En Elladi Nostimies»

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The Creta Farms Εn Elladi Nostimies products are prepared with extra virgin olive oil and choice pieces of top quality meat.
Thanks to the deep freeze method, products have a longer life without preservatives and keep their nutritional elements and flavor intact.

The Εn Elladi Nostimies products combine unrivaled quality and adored, homemade flavors serving consumers the best possible frozen food while saving them time and money, always with the Creta Farms quality guarantee.

Choose the «En Elladi Nostimies» products and forget what you knew about frozen food.  The chicken nuggets, the burgers and the other meat products are an excellent option for a balanced diet for you and your loved ones, because in only a few minutes you can have tasty, homemade food on your dinner table

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