Dry salami

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Loyal to the traditional values that go with the dry salami category and under the life-long commitment to offer superior quality and unsurpassed flavor products, Creta Farms aims to become the consumers’ favorite choice in this category also.

The selection of prime meat cuts and the careful curing procedure makes Creta Farms dry salami products attractive to even the most strict food critics.

Creta Farms dry salami products are available under the En Elladi, Classic line and Paradosiaki brands in both the deli counter and the self-service shelf 

Type of Treatment

  • Cooked
  • Smoked
  • Roasted


  • En Elladi
  • Classic
  • Combi Packs
  • 0-3%
  • Paradosiaki
  • Oliving


  • Over The Counter
  • Self Service

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