Creta Farms Deli Meats

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From its birth to this day, Creta Farms remains committed to its vision to make delicious products with high nutritional value and unsurpassed flavor. In the 10 years it has been active in the deli meats market, Creta Farms managed to bring upon constant and significant changes to the industry, by creating new trends and setting new standards in the deli meats categor

From 1999, with the launch of the Creta Farms 0-3%, the first line of low-fat deli meats introduced in Greece, to 2001, with the ‘revolutionary’ Creta Farms En Elladi, the only deli meats in the world with extra virgin olive oil substituting animal fat, to today, with our R&D unit working relentlessly towards the next big launch, our mission remains the same: to offer food products for daily consumption with less or better fat content but with all the flavor, thanks to the magic of olive oil.

The success of our product launches is undisputed and their effect on the market is evident.