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Creta Farms USA first made its appearance in the American market in 2007, following extensive research into American dietary practices.

All products are made in a way that satisfies the tastes of the specific consumers and are produced without exception in the United States using the patented Creta Farms production method under very stringent quality control procedures.

The hot dog, one of the most popular deli meat products in the United States, deserves special mention. Since the hot dog is widely consumed throughout the country, the replacement of a significant part of its animal fat with olive oil, and by extension, the enhancement of the nutritional value of the product, offers American consumers an obviously healthier choice. Creta Farms created a nutritionally wholesome and flavorsome  product—with up to 90% less animal fat than the traditional product and an olive-oil content that approaches 50% of total fats.  The launch of this product was a vital step in improving the quality of diet in a country that is not used to consuming olive oil.

For America’s favorite Hot Dog, we created a nutritionally wholesome and flavorsome sausage with up to 90% less animal fat.

Οur Products

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  • CF Bologna Beef
  • CF Hot Dogs
  • CF Hot Dogs Beef
  • CF Hot Dogs Bun Length
  • CF Kielbasa
  • CF Smoked Sausage
  • CF Smoked Sausage Beef
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