Quality & Certification

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Consumer safety is a commitment of responsibility for Creta Farms, and consumer demand for consistently high quality products an incentive for continuous improvement. The following factors enable Creta Farms to remain faithful to this commitment and to meet the demands of its customers:

The extra-virgin olive oil in the En Elladi series is made from the finest fruit of olive trees from selected growers in Crete and is subject to stringent quality control checks conducted under internationally certified procedures. 

Prime-quality meat is used from animals that are raised in excellent conditions and fed without the use of antibiotics during the fattening stage or genetically modified feed.

Innovation in the area of Quality Control. 
Creta Farms conducts stringent quality control tests so as never to jeopardize the reliable, timely identification of pathogenic microorganisms. Extensive chemical and microbiological tests are conducted at all stages of production, from the arrival of livestock feed and secondary ingredients that are used in the production of the deli meats to the final product itself. Creta Farms has Quality Control laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment that use microbiological and immunological techniques to detect all pathogenic microorganisms within 24 hours. The safety of the food products is thus guaranteed. 

Advanced PCR molecular methods (DNA-based detection) are used to detect genetically modified organisms (GMO) in livestock feed, secondary ingredients and final products, as well as allergens (e.g. gluten, soy, mustard, nuts) in final products.

Creta Farms has its own research laboratory outfitted with modern equipment. The laboratory supports the work of the Research and Development team in developing new products. Each year, € 5 million are invested in product development in Greece and abroad. 

Scientific and technological developments in the food sector are closely followed.

The firm cooperates with universities and accredited private research laboratories in Greece and abroad. 

Creta Farms employs a team of experienced highly trained scientists and professionals in the cold-meat industry.


The Standards that Creta Farms has:


ISO 9001:2008
Production of pig feed. Reproduction of pigs. Fattening and special farming of pigs (without the use of antibiotics, with feed without fishmeal or proteins of animal origin). Slaughtering of pigs. Production and distribution of fresh pig meat. Design, production, trade and distribution of sausages and meat products. Preparation and packaging of cooled sausages. Manufacturing and packaging of frozen, pre-cooked ready- to- eat meals.

ISO 14001:2004
Environmental Management System is applicable to activities including and associated with the reproduction and special fattening of pigs (fed solely on animal feeds of vegetable origin without fishmeal or animal fat and fattening without use of antibiotics).

ISO 22000:2005
Slaughtering of pigs. Production and distribution sausages, raw and frozen pre-cooked meat products. Processing and packaging of chilled sausages and frozen meat products. Slicing and packaging of semi-hard cheeses.

BRC Athens
Slicing, high pressure processing and chilling of turkey and pork cured meat and sausages into retail packs. Slicing of yellow cheese for inclusion in ‘’combi” finished product. 

BRC Rethymnon 
Manufacture of fermented dry sausages, fresh cooked sausages and frozen precooked meat products.