Our History

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The journey of Creta Farms began in 1970 in Crete, the land of the olive tree, in whose fruit lies the Greek treasure-the “liquid gold” as Homer called it-of olive oil. It was in this favored land that Stilianos Domazakis, the present owners’ father, raised his animals and later founded the first organized pork production facility in Crete, and thus set the foundations for the extensive business operations of Creta Farms today.

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Creta Farm was born of the passionate interest that the brothers Emmanuel and Konstantinos had for innovative products made from pure ingredients and of their belief in the Cretan diet and their dream to become its ambassadors to the world. An important milestone in this journey of taste and innovation was the pioneering 0-3% range of flavorsome low-fat products. At the time deli products had a high fat content and were seen-rightly so-as a “forbidden pleasure”.  


The launching of the Creta Farm 0-3% products marked the appearance in Greece of the first range of low-fat deli meats. It was the firm’s entry ticket into the retail market. In taking the first step in removing the guilt associated with cold cuts, the Creta Farm 0-3% series created a new trend in the category of deli meats.

But the two brothers were not content to rest on the laurels of their initial success. Soon, an idea was born for a unique recipe, one that would make Creta Farm not only one of the largest food company groups in Greece but a fast-growing company internationally as well. A great success inside a very simple thought. This unique recipe, born of the grandeur of simplicity, was called “En Elladi”. It led the way to the establishment of the Domazakis family’s first organized pork production facility.

The secret? Prime-quality meat is selected and extra virgin oil is then immediately added in its natural form, thus ensuring higher nutritional value and exceptional, rich taste.

Today, Creta Farms continues to produce wholesome, high-quality, full-flavored products. The company still retains its founder’s initial enthusiasm, but by coupling the health-promoting dietary tradition of the Mediterranean with a commitment to innovation, Creta Farms has expanded beyond the narrow borders of Greece. Its new global identity reflects this dynamic growth and its determination to strengthen the company at all levels. It marks the shift from one “farm” in Crete… to “farms” around the world. 

Ηistorical Background

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    The Domazakis family establishes the first organized pork production facility in Crete at Latzima, formerly the township of Prinos, in the   
    Municipality of Arkadi, in Rethymno.

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    The firm is founded as a joint-stock company under the name Zoi Emm. Domazakis S.A., consolidating the individual businesses owned by the Domazakis family.

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    The deli meat production department is created.

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    Current management assumes the leadership of the firm. The Latzima facility in Rethymno is expanded.

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    The firm undergoes a period of continuous growth and expansion: the facilities in Latzima in Rethymno are doubled, and five branch offices are set up in Irakleio (Crete), Athens, Thessaloniki, Larisa, and Patra.

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    (to date) En Elladi products are launched and the respective patents are registered in Greece and abroad.

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    The firm buys 1.45 hectares of land in Kryoneri, Attica and builds new facilities, while it also acquires the equipment of meat processing company Karna S.A.. An investment totaling 26 million euro.
    Equipment and land are acquired from Karna S.A. for the creation of facilities on a property of 1.45 hectares in Kryoneri, Attica.

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    Founding of Creta Farms (Cyprus) Ltd., the firm’s subsidiary in Cyprus.

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    The firm enters the U.S. market in cooperation with the Clemens Family Corporation.

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    Creta Farms signs an agreement with the Spanish group GRUPO ALIMENTARIO ARGAL SA. and enters the Spanish market.

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    Products from the olive-oil range are placed in the Spanish market.
    The firm signs an agreement with the Swedish company PÄRSONS SVERIGE AB and enters the Swedish and Danish markets.
    Acquisition of an 80% share in CRETA FARMS USA.

  • Milestones in Our Journey


    A deal is reached with the Italian firm, Grandi Salumifici Italiani S.p.A., one of the largest food companies in Europe, to enter the Italian market.

    Furthermore, Creta Farms concludes an agreement with the Agora Merchandising Group in Australia (the market leader in Oceania) for the import and distribution of packaged olive oil.

    Creta Farm takes another step forward with the launching of Creta Farm’s “En Elladi Mesogiaki” white cheese.  The company is evolving from a deli meats firm to a comprehensive food company, aiming to penetrate a new, huge market that offers great development opportunities in Greece and abroad.

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