A journey in Innovation

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Innovation is a continuous journey for Creta Farms. A journey that requires time and material resources, but above all faith, dedication and respect for consumers and their needs.

From the birth of Creta Farm to the Creta Farms of today, innovation has been a basic part of the company’s DNA.

The fascinating journey in taste and innovation begins in 1996 with a landmark name. A name that expresses the Domazakis brothers’s dream that their company becomes the ambassador of the Cretan diet to the world. A name that identifies and promotes the land in which the company was born

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Innovation Journey

  • Creta Farms launches 0-3%. For the first time in Greece, a series of low-fat deli meats.


    The great change starts in 1999 when Creta Farm makes its first daring move in the deli meat market. Until then, deli meats were inevitably seen as high-fat products and thus for many people a “forbidden pleasure”.

    With the launch of the Creta Farm 0-3% range (the first time a range of low-fat deli meats were introduced in Greece), the company makes a dynamic entry into the retail trade. But the most significant impact of this move is that it sets off a new trend in the deli meat category, the first step taken in shedding the quilt associated with these products. Before the arrival of Creta Farm the major cold-meat manufacturers were producing deli meats with a high percentage of animal fat. Creta Farm’s entry into the market obliged them to adjust to a new state of affairs and follow its lead. A telling example of this can be seen in parizer, which at the time had a fat content close to the maximum allowable limit (around 30%); this product now has levels of up to 5%.

  • Creta Farm launches the revolutionary series En Elladi, the only deli meats in the world with olive oil.


    However, the great “revolution” is to come two years later. In 2001, with the Cretan diet as its model and ground-breaking ideas at the core of its daily activities, Creta Farms launches the only deli meats in the world made with olive oil.  Made from pieces of prime meat and extra virgin olive oil, the unique series of deli products, Creta Farms En Elladi, is now a fact.

    The unique process of preparing the En Elladi products guarantees the high quality and unsurpassed taste of the final product, thanks to the nutritional value and rich flavor of the olive oil. This unique idea has been patented internationally under the title “method of production of meat products by direct incorporation of olive oil and maximum possible substitution of animal fat”.

    State-of- the- art equipment, featuring high hydrostatic pressure technology, used for the cold double pasteurization of deli meats
    Creta Farms’ investments in new technology and its search for innovation do not end here. The company is the first in Greece to introduce a second pasteurization treatment of its deli meats, which uses high hydrostatic pressure technology for even greater safety from pathogenic microorganisms. As time goes on the company continues to demonstrate that it is not content to rest on its laurels but is always in search of innovative products that respond to the needs of the consumer. And so we arrive in 2006 with the launch of the Combi range.  

  • Launching of Creta Farm combi.For the first time, deli meat and cheese come in one package


    Creta Farms pleasantly surprises itself one more time by managing to combine 2 innovations in one product.

    • Deli meat & cheese together – makes sense (quick and sensible)

    • Double Container package that opens and closes back – easy to use and store

  • Double Pasteurization process used for the first time in deli meats.


    The Double Pasteurization process ensures pasteurization of the final product by applying high hydrostatic pressure for a short time in a water tank:
    The process ensures 100% safety in a natural way.
    It preserves the product’s nutritional elements and taste down to the last slice.  Guaranteed freshness for up to 10 days from opening the package.

  • Launching of En Elladi Mesogiaki / Transformation of Creta Farm from a deli meat company to a food company.


    When milk ‘married’ olive oil a new, unique Creta Farm innovation was born.

    The launching of Mesogiaki is a landmark in Creta Farm history, since it marks the company’s introduction to a new product category, besides deli meats.
    Devoted to the En Elladi concept, Creta Farm substitutes up to 50% of animal fat with olive oil, thus producing a tasty product with less fat!

  • Launching of a new generation of En Elladi deli meats – without preservatives and with less salt.


    Creta Farms satisfies all your nutrition concerns with another yet innovation.  A new generation of turkey fillet and chicken fillet slices featuring:

    • Only 3% fat, of which 2% come from the addition of extra virgin olive oil.

    • No preservatives

    • 40% less salt

    • Made from choice turkey and chicken meat

  • Oliving, Taste a slice of the Good life!


    Based on our Cretan heritage and inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, our aim is to introduce a new way of “living”.

    Oliving, a better “Living” with Olive oil at  the heart of everyday nutrition.

    Olive a vital element of the Mediterranean diet,  the “liquid gold” of cooks throughout the region. Olive oil, acclaimed worldwide for its rich taste and high nutritional value, the main ingredient of our unique recipe, it is the inspired secret of “Oliving” product series.

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